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CP Diesel has the right team of experienced ASE certified technicians and the right equipment to service and repair your gas or diesel RV - motorhome providing full RV repairs.  General service and maintenance we suggest before you pull out on that road to travel on that relaxing and envigorating trip with your RV include:

Brakes: Your trailer brakes should be inspected and serviced annually or more often if you make substantial use of the trailer.
Ramp door: You should lubricate ramp door hinges with Lithium grease. Also periodically lubricate the ramp door extension.
Huck bolts: Check the huck bolts periodically. If you detect a loose huck bolt fastener, do not tow the trailer.

Pre-Departure Maintenance  Going out RVing is a vacation and an adventure rolled into one so before going out, make an appointment to have your RV serviced.   This usually includes tire rotation, an oil change if necessary and an overall inspection of the vehicle for potential problems.
Lights, Fluids & Wipers: Your lights and wipers are not the first thing you think of before taking that RV trip, have our team make sure the engine is running smoothly by checking oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid to make sure they are filled. Once all fluid levels are fine, we check your lights and windshield wipers.  
Tire Safety  All your tires should be the same type, size, and construction—do not mix bias-belted and radial tires. In selecting tires, buy the size, type.  Our team will check to ensure you have the proper tire pressure and replace worn tires.

Tires  Periodic inspection and maintenance of motorcoach and trailer tires and wheels are essential to towing safety, including spare tires. Proper tire pressure affects vehicle handling and the safety of your tires. You can find the correct tire pressure for your motorcoach in the owner’s manual or on the tire information placard.
• Under inflation reduces the load-carrying capacity of your motorcoach or trailer, may cause sway and control problems and may result in overheating, causing blowouts or other tire failure.
• Over inflation causes premature tire wear and affects the handling characteristics of the tow vehicle or trailer.

We also encourage general maintenance of the RV - motorhome exterior with frequent inspections of the following:

Roof:  Inspect your roof at least once a year. Clean off any loose material. 
Frame: Normal road use will eventually chip away at the factory-protected underside of your trailer frame. Check the underside of your frame at least once a year and repair any chips with an automotive undercoating or matching paint. This protection helps prevent rust and deterioration of the trailer frame. An auto supply store is a good source for the undercoating.
Floor: To protect your plywood floor, promote long life and make cleaning easier, it is recommended that you paint it with an oil-based enamel paint.
Exterior skin: Treat your trailer with the same care as you do your car. Use a mild, non-detergent soap, such as an auto wash, and protect with an automotive-type wax. An auto supply store can provide the appropriate products. Don’t use dish washing soap. These products can remove some of the wax protection on your trailer.
Aluminum rims: Your aluminum rims are clear-coated for lasting protection. Use only gentle cleaning agents on your rims. Never use a cleaner that is lye or acid-based. These will damage the finish.

As always, if you have any concerns at all please call the shop or request an appointment online so we can get you answers and take care of any maintenance or repair issues before they become a larger problem. 


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